About Tiberian Technologies

Tiberian Technologies is a community of fans and modders dedicated to enhancing the Command & Conquer Renegade. The organization was founded in 2007 by mac and Crimson with the goal of uniting the best developers in the community to improve the game and provide updates for players.

Tiberian Technologies is made up of a team of passionate and experienced developers who work together to provide the best possible gaming experience. The community creates and distributes patches that fix bugs, improve performance and stability, add new features to the game and ensures the game remains functional on the latest operating systems.

Since its formation, Tiberian Technologies has become the go-to source for updates and patches for Command & Conquer Renegade. The organization's work is widely recognized and appreciated by the game's player community, and its patches and mods are considered essential for anyone looking to play the game at its best.

Tiberian Technologies is a non-profit organization and operates completely independently from the original developers and publishers of the game. The organization is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the game for future generations of players.

Tiberian Technologies Staff

Below is a list of active Tiberian Technologies developers, in alphabetical order.

Name Country Position
Daniel "dblaney1" Blaney USA Developer
Jerad2142 USA Developer
Unstoppable Türkiye Website Maintainer, Developer

Tiberian Technologies developers are also a part of W3D Hub. You can view the full staff list here.