TT Patch 4.0 Changelog, Fixes and Additions


TT Patch 4.0 sports a realtime integrated anticheat mechanism that stops various known cheats. For security reasons we do not provide a list of what is and what is not blocked by the anticheat.


The commandline utility achash is used in conjunction with the anticheat system to generate a file's unique hash. You enter this hash in the server's anticheat.ini config file. When players join the server the file will be checked for consistency and block a player from joining when inconsistencies are discovered by the anticheat. Use this usility to protect custom and fanmade content on your server for example.

Download on demand

Renegade, in 4.0, will have the ability to download new maps from a server's remote file repository. When a player is missing the map it will be automatically downloaded and installed on the client whereafter the client can immediately play the map, no game-restart is required.


The PackageEditor is used on the server to create so called packages which are installed on the server and uploaded to an offsite repository. When a map package is installed the clients connecting to the server will download said package from the repository url set in the tt.cfg file.

The PackageEditor has five usable commands:

  • convert
  • install
  • uninstall
  • download
  • list

Example creation of TTFS package with "C&C_Jonwils_Lair.mix" as map

Open a Command Prompt window and change directory to where your server is installed. First we need to convert the map into a usable package by typing:

  1. PackageEditor convert "data\C&C_Jonwils_Lair.mix" 1.0 zunnie [enter]
Second we install the package by typing:
  1. PackageEditor install "C&C_Jonwils_Lair" [enter] (notice you do not add .mix extension)
  2. A new folder is created in your server directory called "ttfs".
  3. Upload the contents from this folder to your website repository url and enter this url into your tt.cfg configfile.
  4. This is extremely important: Remove the .mix files from the server data folder or the ttfs will not function correctly.
Players who connect to your server will then download the packages from your website. A public repository is available at which has most -if not all- of Renegade's custom maps available.

Example install of "C&C_Jonwils_Lair.mix" from repository

PackageEditor.exe download "C&C_Jonwils_Lair" [enter] Repeat this for other maps you wish to install on your server.

Server Side Game Manager

Server Side Game Manager is the package for Server Owners who run a dedicated server. In SSGM disk-based-logging has been replaced with a better technique to write logs directly to a TCP port of choice. This bypasses diskusage and increases server performance. The default Renegade dedicated server logfiles are still created for backward compatibility with older server regulation bots.

SSGM comes with a special configuration file in which you can set a large variety of options such as mapspecific loading of custom objects files, destroying certain building types and a forceteam setting for Coop enabled servers.
With SSGM you may also change the player's spawn character to any valid soldier preset.

New in SSGM is the ability to grant specific character types additional weapons or powerups when they are spawned. For example, if you would like the minigunner to obtain extra weapons at spawn you would enter "CnC_GDI_MiniGunner_0=POW_RamjetRifle_Player" in the [WeaponGrant] section in the ssgm.ini configuration file.

Loading of custom preset objects files is also possible in SSGM by using the option "ObjectsFilename=Coop.ddb" where you may assign objects files for different maps. This is useful if you plan to run multiple serverside map-mods on a single server.

Vehicle Wreckages are also an ability that is present in SSGM 4.0 by using the [VehicleWreckage] option you may specify which tanks leave behind a certain Wreckage which can be repaired by players and will be replaced with a functional tank afterwards. You can adjust it for every vehicle preset using the presetname of the tank followed by the to spawn wreckage like "CnC_GDI_Medium_Tank=Med_tank_Dead"

Vehicle ownership may also be enabled or disabled at the server owners discretion. This will automatically bind a vehicle to a player when they purchase it.

Plugins can also be written for SSGM 4.0, a number of useful plugins are included with SSGM 4.0:

  • teamspeak
  • bansystem
  • crates
  • ctf
  • swap
  • pointsdistribution
  • mute
  • extraconsolecommands
  • firstblood

  • Unfortunately plugins which were written in SSGM 2.0.2 are incompatible with 4.0.


    Report date: 05/24/2011
    FIXED - Powerplants and double cost errors
    FIXED - Messed up tree tiles

    Report date: 05/17/2011
    FIXED - Going inside places youre not supposed to such as above WF construction bay

    Report date: 05/15/2011
    FIXED - Flying c4 on non-tt servers

    Report date: 05/14/2011
    FIXED - Inability to walk through bushes 3rd person
    FIXED - Incorrect Gametime on endgame screen
    FIXED - Glitched sides of Hand slow down Infantry
    FIXED - LAN Mode shows the current map as nextmap
    FIXED - C4 land angled
    FIXED - Fix no-gameplay-pending on Clients

    Report date: 05/12/2011
    FIXED - C4 in MCT
    FIXED - Obelisk ignoring MRLS at certain angle
    FIXED - Targeting through wall ability decreased

    Report date: 05/11/2011
    FIXED - Targetting through walls

    Report date: 05/10/2011
    FIXED - Floating C4's bug
    FIXED - Fix U Chat history key not auto scrolling down
    FIXED - Add the CnC Technology Center icon to installer. Suits Tiberian Technologies name.
    FIXED - Make ForceTeam mapspecific
    FIXED - Fix killmessages when AI units kill you (SSGM)
    FIXED - Obelisk is sometimes not dealing any damage while hitting a unit or vehicle
    FIXED - Obelisk seems less accurate when firing at moving infantry
    FIXED - Obelisk "back-walking" still works

    Report date: 05/09/2011
    FIXED - Vehicle binding bug when stolen
    FIXED - Turret lag fix
    FIXED - AGT No string when killing vehicles, Double logging in ssgm
    FIXED - Fix installer with regards to getting language from registry
    FIXED - Mines dont disappear when player leaves game
    FIXED - Fixup bugs in WWConfig utility
    FIXED - Fix shooting bullets through players
    FIXED - Beacon Purchase/Placement Exploit/Glitch

    Report date: earlier
    FIXED - Start with loaded pistol on spawn
    FIXED - Fix maxhealth increase so it properly shows on healthbars
    FIXED - Bullet shell sounds when they fall on the ground
    FIXED - Map Downloader that downloads new maps on demand
    FIXED - PackageEditor that converts mixfiles into usable packages for the downloader
    FIXED - Vehicle binding when you purchase a vehicle
    FIXED - Several implementations of anticheat
    FIXED - strings_map.tdb for custom maps with temped presets for translation of those presets
    FIXED - Swap plugin to allow switching teams with another player, by reborn
    FIXED - Spectate plugin by reborn
    FIXED - Mute plugin by reborn
    FIXED - ExtraConsoleCommands plugin by reborn
    FIXED - Bansystem plugin that bans by serial hash
    FIXED - Start with six proximity mines instead of five on purchase of Hotwire or Technician
    FIXED - Support for more recent Operating Systems such as Windows Vista and Windows 7
    FIXED - As many custom scripts from 3.4.4 as possible ported to the new codebase
    FIXED - Support most of the console commands from 3.4.4
    FIXED - Not lagging screenshot code that saves directly in PNG format
    FIXED - Radio command emoticons fix
    FIXED - Map loadtimes significantly decreased, even on slower pc's
    FIXED - Proper log file fixing. Various logging now takes place in the users Documents folder
    FIXED - Fix the harvesting animation for the harvester
    FIXED - Client chat log support. Press U for a Chathistory window ingame
    FIXED - Remote screenshot command for server admins
    FIXED - Fix the bug whereby if you're pressing against a wall or something, you don't lose ammo
    FIXED - Important cause of blue hell fixed
    FIXED - Added scripts for coop maps Intro, M01, Tutorial and Ship
    FIXED - Added scripts for building reviving code which allows for dead buildings to be restored.
    FIXED - Fix for shooting through the WF glass. 4.0 is required, non 4.0 can still shoot through it.
    FIXED - Joining with an invalid nickname to crash the server. Like really long nicknames.