Tiberian Technologies consists of the brightest minds in the Renegade community, including members of BlackIntel, Blackhand Studios, Black Cell, and a new face or two. The member list in alphabetical order is:

Name Country Position Group Software Titles
Daniel Blaney USA Coder - scripts.dll
Jerad Gray USA Coder - scripts.dll
jonwil Australia Coder Blackhand Studios scripts.dll
Saberhawk USA Coder - scripts.dll

Former/inactive staff

In the past, the following people have been part of Tiberian Technologies. We thank them for their contributions.

Name Country Position Group Software Titles
Blazer USA Consultant Blackhand Studios BRenBot
Cat998 Austria Coder BlackIntel BIATCH
Crimson USA Management Blackhand Studios RenGuard
danpaul88 UK Coder Blackhand Studios BRenBot, scripts.dll
EvilWhiteDragon Netherlands Consultant BlackIntel BIATCH
Ghostshaw Netherlands Coder BlackIntel BIATCH, scripts.dll
inetkngeek USA Coder Blackhand Studios RenGuard, CPs
mac Germany Management Blackhand Studios BrenBot, RenGuard
Reborn UK Coder MP-Gaming Lots of plugins, SSAPB
Sir Kane Germany Coder Blackhand Studios Original bhs.dll, ladder server, RenGuard
StealthEye Netherlands Coder BlackIntel BIATCH, scripts.dll
Spoony UK QA/Balance - -
v00d00 Canada Coder Blackhand Studios TFD's no cd crack, RenGuard, scripts.dll
WhiteDragon USA Coder Black Cell SSGM, DA, scripts.dll
Yrr Germany Coder - Renegade Resurrection
zunnie Netherlands Coder MPF TiberiumCrystalWar